Public Relations

The term PR (stands for Public Relations) is now one of the most contraversial in the marketing communications' field. Existing variaties of definitions are sometimes contradictory to each other, but there is one part of them which is aalways shared: PR includes choice of the channels that best influence the key audience, and arrangment this influence, not directly but rather indirectly, via the company's partners, media and opinion leaders (e.g. leading industry analysts, major companies' spokespersons or even special non-commercial establishments and funds). Media is generally recognised to be the most universal one.

Artisan Group Public Relations provides full range of PR services, including consulting on company's external awareness methods, media activites of the company in a crisis situation and additional elements of the company's promotion. The means of PR-support are quite simple and generally known. However, most companies, besides having a PR department consisting of utterly professional managers, tend to work with PR agencies. This is first of all because of luck of their own resources for full-fledged large-scale PR campaigns of the companies. Apart from this, working in the same industry and within the same company for a number of years and gaining its specific experience, inhouse specialists, however professional they are, often lose their capacities to view the situation from afar and bring non-standard PR solutoins, and thus they seek for fresh approaches from outside.

Artisan Group Public Relations works both on project basis and retainer, whilst the company's scope of activities within the services provided is unlimited. This means the agency will provide as much work as is needed for effective PR-support and realisation of the communicaiton program offered and the company's news hooks delivery in media.

Within the course of PR services, Artisan Group Public Relations offers the following:

  • Formation of a pool of loyal journalists, day-to-day media contacts with the key media
  • Development of PR materials (press releases, presentations, backgrounders, speeches, Q & A sheets etc.)
  • Full organisation of PR events:

Event format choice (depending on the information hook); ensuring of key media presence and journalists specifically needed; preparation of documents and event management; media materials development; media relations following the event; publications' delivery control; monitoring and press clipping providing with the media mentions of the client

  • Strategical and step-by-step operational consulting:

PR-strategy development; PR-tasks development; PR-plan providing; reputation management and crisis consulting; internal PR (corporate wall papers, corporate editions, full range of means of internal communications); information hooks' development; adjustment of the information hook to media interests

  • Client's customer cooperation management (for bringing and use of sucess stories)

Client's customers' relations, their convincing in taking part in the success stories; close cooperation with the customer's representatives responsible for marketing and media relations; arrangement of the materials with the customer; media relations on success story placement

  • Effective cooperaiton with inhouse PR resources
  • Media training

Full information on media market in Russia, information on journalists' types, their interview habits; enhanced recommendations on speakers' bahaviour within the cource of interview for different types of media and different journalists; working with real top-notch journalists and live interview training with mistakes' coverage and TV interviews test practicing, recording of interviews and mistakes' coverage)

  • Development and media placement of PR and journalist texts

Choice of topic for articles according to media interests, media angles and clients' interests; choice of specialists to cover the field and providing of a specialist that would be responsible for articles' development; time and quality management; placement of the articles in key media

  • Full press trips organisation

Identification of the key journalists, ensuring of their presence in the event; media follow-up and publications' control (as much as it is possible); monitoring and press clipping providing with the media information on the client

  • Full interview management

Identification of interiew topic; key media identification and cooperation with it; providing of questions to the speaker before the interview (or Q&A sheet development in case the questions are impossible to get for this or that reason); speaker's briefing