First Russian oncology and haematology procedures and reabilitation complex for children with blood cancer is open

Under premises of Morozovsky Children Clinical City Hospital the first and the only Russian oncology and haematology procedures and reabilitation complex for children with blood cancer is open. Technical support on press briefing organisation and honored reception in the event of the opening of the complex was provided by Artisan Group. Artisan Group Public Relations delivered full cycle of PR-activities for the event.

Powered by enthusiasm of doctors of the 14th haematology department of Morozovsky Children Clinical City Hospital and Federal Reabilitation Center, the first and the only Russian procedures and reabilitation complex for children with blood cancer, comprising stationary medical treatment department, outpatient based medical treatment and reablilitation complex was formed. Being on the terriroty of Morozovsky Children Clinical City Hospital, this complex helps children with blood cancer a real chance to fully vindicate themselves and get back to normal life.

"The principle aim for the complex is fairly scientific, - says Natalia Finogenova, General children haematologist in Moscow, - there's been 15 years since we've changed the death drift in dealing with leucosis. However, no sound methods, developments or manuals are still available. Meanwhile, children with, say, leucosis, can die even during remission period, lots of reasons to it can be called. Chemotherapy ends positively in 80-85% casesm while some 20% of those succesful after procedures can die in remission. Working back-to-back with our colleagues from the 14 department, we, I'm sure, can make this reality go away".

The year 2006 is marked with a boost in children blood cancer. According to Morozovsky Children Clinical City Hospital, the percentage of those already with cancer is more than twice as big as a year before, and it keeps growing. "It was already in 2005 when the 14th department had over 60 children as new patients, - says Lyudmila Fetisova, Hesd of Haematology Center in Morozovsky Children Clinical City Hospital, - now more and more patients are coming. We can say for sure, that among 100 000 of children, seven definitely have leucosis. This figure doesn't seem to impressive if talking about Moscow only, but if we broaden the look and apply the figures to the whole country, it will impress. No treatment and reabilitation means those chidren are dead. We work for free and never show the door to anyone, as any family can have an anguish happening, both rich and poor. Together with this, some children simply die on route, before the treatment procedures are started. There's no counting the cases when children were dieing with their eyes open, some meters away from a haematological unit. Lots of them were dead because of their diagnosis being incorrect».

"Even in the richest countries, like USA, the government can't fully finance treatment and reabilitation units as diagnosis, chemoterapy and marrow transplantation equipment, as well as reabilitation medicine, is way too expensive. Budget financing is not enough in this country as well. Sonsors are helping us, - Natalia Finogenova continues, - this money is obviously not enough to make blood cancer treatment free of charge and diagnosis results perfect".

"Reabilitation centers all over the world have to study records of every child subject to reabilitation, but even if the information if full, it's quite often to apply directly to a specialist responsible for medical treatment procedures themselves.The price of mistake is a life of a child, - says Lyudmila Fetisova, - we work together, and I'm sure we are just the first of oncology and haematology centers in this country. More of them are coming".