Moscow Times процитировали главу PR-направления Artisan Group Александра Филимонова

Газета The Moscow Times обратились к компании Artisan Group с просьбой о комментариях относительно взяток в сфере СМИ и коммуникаций в России. Кредом компании Artisan Group является безвозмездное общение со СМИ (за иключением рекламы) и невозможность построения отношений с журналистами на коммерческой основе или же какого-либо денежного вознаграждения.

What's the Difference Between a Gift and a Bribe?

Margarita Simonyan, editor in chief, Russia Today: "This is a topic that worries me a lot. Since there is a certain tradition in Russia to present rather extravagant gifts but, on the other hand, the level of corruption is high, how do you tell a gift from a bribe? "I make the following distinction: If you are presented a valuable gift by a person whose business in any way depends upon your decisions, you shouldn't accept it. Even if it's given out of the very best feelings. You just shouldn't. Fortunately, I've never been in such a situation - that is, I've never received things I thought were intended as bribes. Would you call it bribery if an employee, having returned from a vacation, gives you a photo frame as a gift? Does he expect to be promoted for that?"

Alexander Filimonov, head of PR, Artisan Group: "In this country, there's not much of a difference. A bribe is often called a gift. If you're talking about the government, anything if it's public is a gift. A bribe is usually given in private, together with something. If you're going to the office of someone in the government, there are a number of phrases. Something like, in this paper file you have everything to decide on our question, to solve our problem. "If it's money, then it's a bribe. If it's something valuable, then it's not bribery but a gift - perhaps jewelry for a woman, or for a man it can be a top-notch device or even a key to a car. When you present a gift, like a car, it's a thing that makes the receiver more loyal. He will do your request according to his own will. If you give money, you're simply purchasing a service."

Alyona Isayeva, fashion director, Harper's Bazaar: "Bribes before and gifts after, most simply. If you do something not thinking about what you get and you receive something after, it's a present. And if someone says, 'Will you please do something, and I will pay for it and you will have something,' it's already a bribe."

Alex Shifrin, director, The Creative Factory: "In most markets, as in this one, buyer incentives, dealer promos, trade bonuses, whatever you want to call them, are very commonplace. This could be anything from small gifts for purchasing your products, rebates, vacations, cars, etc. In fact, they're often expected. So, to me the only difference between a gift and a bribe is that a bribe typically comes in a closed envelope and tends to be strictly cash. Even then, it can be disguised as a 'rebate.'

(с) The Moscow Times, 19.12.2006.