О компании

Artisan Group as a group of companies was formed in 2005. The institution has already made its way through as a sucessful event management agency and one of the most dynamic PR-agencies with sound dedicated growth. The company's credo is to economize clients' money making no harm to quality of services provided. The company reached its most sucessful in banking sector, as well as in development and farmaceutics.

For every project an account manager responsible is allocated, and a special workgroup is formed. They are formed within the company to meet the projects' requirements and to deliver best company practice to clients. Being young and aspiring, Artisan Group is ready to work in nearly every industry and with any company. However big or small the project is, the client can always be sure he has the best team of professionals working for him and will have reports on the work done in the form that best suits him.

Today Artisan Group is one of the companies ready to offer a wide range of communication services, from small projects (media and partners' seminars or short-term PR-support of new products and creation of media dedicated circles for small niche players), to major retainers and PR-campaigns (international conferences' and summits' organisation, long term strategic communication and consulting, or anticrisis campaigns development for the major financial institutions and industry leaders).