TVEL-stroy staff tries fairy tale costumes for New Year

Unique costumes featuring “single-eyed” pirates, red-horned-devils, charming witches with black margined hats, and a beautiful Malvina, a Golden Key fairytale character, with big blue eyes and strikingly blue hair wearing a silver dress, made the performance look like a big fairytales’ compilation miraculously combined in a fantastic script. Witches were sparking mysterious lights and a princess from Far-faraway Kingdom was set to rule the performance. At the hall a self-propelled sledge was welcoming the guests who came as spectators. Some of fantastic characters were moving the sledge, the others tried their best to do justice to their roles of tsars and kings in their bid to gain their so much wanted sit on a pastiche of a fantastic throne of the king Berendej. Massive performance would mean a massive banquet just like those in Russian fairytales. The event did full justice to this old tradition as the banquet hall was made into a typical medieval-like fairytale entourage everyone among the visitors would envisage since childhood. “Tchay vdvoem”, «Bad Boys Blue» and a folk-group called “Talitsa” appeared to mark the guests’ slow return to reality, but to no avail. The New Year party lasted till the very late night: unlike in a Cinderella fairytale, there was no turning the characters back to the corporate managers with cock striking midnight.