Pilkington holds Corporate Family Day

Aimed at developing better chemistry among the staff, as well as contribute to team building activities, the event proved more effective than any of those previously held for them, as it was their families who took the biggest role. A large car park area was transformed into a gigantic kindertown, with entertainment zones and attractions such as inflatable jousting bats placed all around, clowns, magicians, pantomime actors and puppets of human heights walking around striking poses and enlivening the ambience. Outside the fan factory, non-alcohol cocktails and snacks were served. Children and adults were out together, having fun and communicating as if it was just a fanzone family weekend where everybody seems to know everybody. The idea proved a smashing success: over 400 persons attending the event went home happier than ever, with HR managers later basking in barrage of positive feedback from the staff on all the levels, from top to junior managers, and reporting rise in corporate motivation later.