III Bishkek International Banking Conference closed in Kyrgyz Republic

Artisan Group provided full organisational and PR-support for III Bishhkek International Banking Conference in the Kyrgyz Republic. Within management and PR servicing of the event, the company was enrolled in logistics, conference content development and realisation and entertainment program. General PR support and media relations, was delivered both in Russia and internationally.

The third Bishkek International Banking Confernece that was held in Kyrgyzstan in July, 26 to 29, became one of the biggest international events in the banking sector of Central Asia. The conference was titled «Interbanking cooperation in global economies» and it brought together some 130 delegates from CIS, Europe, USA and China.
Top managers and owners of banks, investment companies, fund exhanges and consulting agencies got together to discuss the top inportant questions of interbanking relations and possibilites of integration of Central Asian banks into the world banking system. Specifics of banking systms of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia were in the limelight of discusion within the plenary sessions. Debates on alternative investments, contemporary banking products, financial portfolion management and compliance were also held.
The press conference on the opening of III Bishkek International Banking Conference got representatives of the banks' unions from the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan, as well as Kyrgyz governmental representatives, face to face talking about the current trends in Central Asian economies development and perspectives of the banking sector of the countries. The Kyrgyz Banks' Union and Moscow International Currency Association became organisers of the conference. It was the third year in a row AsiaUniversalBank has become the general sponsor and initiator of the conference. Euromoney magazine became a one more world known partner for the conference. This year, the magazine was enrolled as the general information sponsor. Russian companies Fininfor and STB-express, the system of money transfer, became sponsors of the event.